Our New Stranding Innovations

We are excited to announce that we have just completed our latest Heavy Duty SZ stranding line—with never-before-seen features and flexibility.

This line is designed to run hybrid cables and fiber optic tubes in up to 16 positions. It can run stranded copper conductors from 2 AWG to 28 AWG as well as any combination of fiber optic tubes. We are proud to say that this is a world first for SZ stranding in this size and type of cable.

Not only is this new SZ line built to handle heavy reels and large copper conductors—it can also obtain speeds greater than any planetary or rigid strander.

At Tensor, we are always looking at new ways to innovate in the field of cable manufacturing. Our recently expanded R&D department is constantly discovering bold new solutions to our clients’ manufacturing challenges.

The fantastic results we’ve seen in our new stranding line would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our researchers and our combined expertise in fiber optic and specialized copper wire manufacturing.

The future looks exciting for Tensor Machinery. Our researchers are currently in the process of developing machines that can achieve lower, more precise tension control while increasing the speed of binding equipment – and that’s good news for Tensor and our customers.

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