Take-Up – Automatic Change-Over

  1. Product Overview

    The automatic changeover take-up is a “parallel-shaft” design, where reels are oriented with the flange facing the operator. There are two take-ups mounted side-by-side with an automatic changeover for continuous running.

    A motorized conveyor loads and unloads the reels automatically. While one position is running, the other position is automatically loaded with an empty reel. The switchover from one reel to the next can either be done by a preset length or by manually pushing a button.

    When a predetermined length is reached, the empty reel starts to turn until it matches the running speed. The servo-driven traverse carriage moves from the full to the empty reel. A rotating arm with a clamp assembly catches the fiber/wire and passes it through a cutting knife. The fiber/wire then starts to wind onto the empty reel. The full reel comes to a stop and the idler pintle retracts, releasing the full reel. The full reel is then taken out by a conveyor and an empty reel is automatically conveyed and loaded.

    The take-up tension is set from the Dancer/Accumulator and is pneumatically controlled. The tension is set locally or from the main Operator Control Panel. A small plc and local touchpanel control all of the parameters.

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