Premise Cable Jacketing Line

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  1. Product Overview

    This Premise Jacketing Line is specifically designed to run premise style cables using proven technology and Tensor’s advanced control features. The primary function of this line is to extrude a variety of flame retardant jackets over a fiber optic core under a controlled tension condition. Many features of this line are designed to provide flexibility and repeatability for the operator and engineer. The line typically includes a 300 meter accumulator/dancer so products can be cut on line to specific customer requirements without sending the cable to another operation.

    The Premise Jacketing line is designed to run, simplex, duplex, zipcord, multi-fiber (stranded) Distribution cables and a wide range of other indoor cable products. Speeds for some products can exceed 300 meter per minute depending on the material and extruder. The line features the equipment listed above. Various configurations are available as well as various extruders, crossheads and peripheral equipment.

    The cooling trough is a three pass system that allows for 27 meters of cooling which will be sufficient for all of the products to be run on this line.

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