1. Product Overview

    This Tensor Rewind line is designed to rewind small cables and tubes onto reels with flange diameters from 12” to 48”. Each line consists of the following:

    1) Pay-Off Section
    2) Capstan
    3) Take-Up Section
    4) Operator Interface and Electrical

    The shaftless payoff and take-up are designed to run tubes or premise cables under controlled tensions. The pay-off and take-up have two pivoting cantilever arms, which can raise and lower the reel. The reel is rolled between the two arms where the pintle close on the reel and the reel is lifted off the floor. The reel drive is attached to one pivot arm and is driven by an AC Vector motor. A two-loop Dancer/Accumulator arm provides cable tension through a pneumatic cylinder, which can be adjusted via the operator panel during the run.

    A small belt wrap capstan is placed between the Pay-off and Take-up. This capstan provides a smooth pull on the small diameter cables, ensuring there is no stretching of the jacket or cable jerking. The line speed of the capstan is controlled thru the operator panel mounted on the take-up.

    A small color operator touchscreen is used to control the line settings. Push buttons are also used to control functions like line start and stop.

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