Pay-Offs – Shaft Type

  1. Product Overview

    The fiber reel is loaded onto a shaft and locked in place with a locking collar. Drive pins engage the reel and are adjustable based on the reel design. An AC Vector or servo motor is used to drive the shaft.

    The fiber product first travels from the reel to a swing pulley guide. The swing pulley moves with the traverse of the fiber product on the reel, avoiding the friction and stresses caused by guide pins.

    From the swing pulley, the fiber product travels to a dual loop dancer system. The pivot on dancer arm is connected to a rotary air cylinder. Tension is applied to the fiber product by increasing or decreasing the air supplied to the rotary cylinder. The pay-off can be made to stand alone with local controls or be integrated into a line.

    Fiber positions from 1 to 12 are available. Additional options such as a loadcell readout can be installed.

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