Take-Ups – Shaft-Type

  1. Product Overview

    These take-ups are mainly designed for smaller reel sizes and fibers or sires that require low tension.  The STU Take-up is a traversing shaft design where the entire reel assembly traverses. A single shaft extends from the frame and is driven by a servo motor. A low tension dancer controls the speed and provides consistent tension on the product.

    In addition we have a Dual Shaft Take-up with a Dancer/Accumulator. The cantilever take-up assemblies are mounted on individual traversing bases driven by a servo motor. With the accumulator, the operator can easily transfer the cable product to a new reel while the line continues to run. The accumulator provide the speed and tension control. A local PLC and HMI are mounted with the take-up and can interface with the main line.

    There are a variety of take-up designs that we build. Contact us for more information.

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