Pay-Offs – Traversing Reel Fiber

  1. Product Overview

    The fiber reel is loaded between two adjustable arms. Pintle move in and out to engage the reel. A servo motor is used to drive one of the pintles. The fiber is guided over a flat pulley. Two sensors ensure that the fiber always pays off straight by traversing the arms to maintain the fiber in the center of the flat pulley. A dual loop dancer is used to apply fiber tension and control the pay-off speed. The pivot on dancer arm is connected to a rotary air cylinder. Tension is applied to the fiber product by increasing or decreasing the air supplied to the rotary cylinder.

    The pay-off can be made to stand alone with local controls or be integrated into a line. Fiber positions from 1 to 12 are available. Additional options such as a loadcell readout can be installed.

    Specifications (typical for each pay-off):

    Product Dimension 0.50 mm to 0.90 mm
    Reel Weight 0.5 kg to 20 kg
    Tension Range 75 g to 750 g
    Dancer Loops 2 (2 pulleys over 3)
    Line Speed 0 to 400 mpm

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