1. Product Overview

    The UV Coloring line is designed to color optical fiber at speeds over 2100 meters per minute, depending on the number of UV lamps. It can also be configured to apply and cure flame-retardant resin using a different die system. Tensor mainly uses UV Fusion lamps, but we have also designed lines using Arc lamps.

    The coloring line is placed in a self-contained enclosure to avoid any outside contamination. A swing arm houses the operator control panel and makes it easy to operate the line from a variety of positions. Two ink feed systems are mounted on the outside of the enclosure so that one system can be changed while the other ink system is running.

    A patented nitrogen feed system is incorporated with the UV lamps to ensure an inert curing environment and a maximum cure rate. Also available as options are Oxygen monitoring sensors to ensure the proper cure environment and UV lamp intensity sensors to determine when the quartz tube needs replacement.

  2. Sales Inquiries