Renovations at Tensor HQ

Welcome to the new Tensor offices.

When he founded Tensor Machinery, George Kepes dedicated himself to a singular goal: to design and produce the best possible machinery in the fiber optic market. In this, he succeeded. However, while the machines he produced were cutting edge, the office in which he created them had remained…err…somewhat stuck in the past. George was, after all, an engineer, not an interior designer.

After I inherited Tensor in 2016, my wife Jennifer and I set out to revitalize the Tensor offices. Our goal was to create a workspace that both reflected Tensor’s tremendous achievements and made our staff proud, comfortable and productive.

Over the past two years, both the interior and exterior of Tensor have been completely transformed. The roof, windows, HVAC, lighting, computers, asphalt, and landscaping have been replaced and modernized. The interior layout was optimized and a new kitchen now serves as a meeting place for colleagues to congregate and relax.

After being greeted warmly at the new entrance, customers can sit comfortably in our reception area and enjoy the whimsical art before being ushered into our updated boardroom, which features a state-of-the-art Smartboard.

Some of the most vital changes have taken place in the shop, where many of our older machines have been replaced and revitalized.

Despite these many changes, there is one thing that hasn’t changed at Tensor. We still maintain the dogged philosophy for quality set by my father, George. We remain singularly focused on designing and producing the best possible machinery in the fiber optic market.

– Robert Kepes, CEO Tensor Machinery

To read more about our history, check out our about us page.