Pay-Offs – Cantilever

  1. Product Overview

    This pay-off is designed to run tight buffered fiber and simplex tubes under controlled tensions. These pay-offs are designed to run the smaller fiber reels and reels up to 405 mm flange diameter. Two pay-offs are mounted back to back to save space.

    The reels are rolled or placed between the driven and idler pintles. The use of polyurethane-coated drive discs eliminates the need for drive pins and make loading easy. The idler pintle is air-cylinder actuated and moves in/out to engage the reel. The cantilever arms can raise/lower the reel on some designs.

    The fiber tension is provided using a horizontal multi wrap Dancer/Accumulator that provides tension with the use of a rotary air cylinder. Tension is adjustable from 80 to 500 grams and can be set locally or from a main operator control panel. The dancer location is monitored using a non-contact proximity sensor and a rotary cam.

    During a fiber run out or break condition, an alarm is sounded and the line can shut down automatically. A loadcell readout option is available.

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