SZ Stranding Line Overview

SZ Stranding is the process of twisting Tubes or Wires into a cable structure under controlled conditions. The tubes/wires are guided through a series of rotating discs. The disks will rotate until up to 14 turns in one direction is achieved. The discs then reverse and twist the tube/wires up to 14 turns in the opposite direction. Because of this SZ stranding action, the pay-off reels or the take-up do not have to rotate in order to manufacture a cable and this results in high linespeeds. The tubes /wires are locked in place after SZ stranding by a polyester or a similar binder material.

The Tensor ‘EXCEL STRAND’ SZ Stranding line has been developed after many years of experience supplying stranding lines throughout the world. We stay on the cutting edge of technology using the latest electronics, drives and motor combinations to achieve repeatable and reliable performance. The SZ Stranding line can be configured in a number of different ways depending on the customer needs. Some stranding lines have 6 pay-offs while other lines have 24 or more pay-offs. Other peripheral equipment can be added to the SZ Stranding line such as waterblocking gel or tape, aramid yarn servers and in some cases even an extruder. Each line is custom built depending on the customer needs and imagination.