Pay-Offs – Gantry

  1. Product Overview

    This type of pay-off is for reels up to 1250 mm diameter. These pay-offs can raise/lower and both the pintles arms can move in/out to accommodate a variety of reel sizes. A drive pintle arm with an adjustable drive pin ensures that the reels are positively driven. An AC Vector motor is used to drive the pintle. The pintles are interchangeable for different reel types.

    A horizontal multi-wrap Dancer/Accumulator provides tension through a rotary air cylinder. Tension is adjustable from 200 to 2000 grams and can be set locally or from the operator control panel. Different tension ranges can be provided based on the customer needs. The dancer location is monitored using a non-contact proximity sensor and a rotary cam.

    During a run out or break condition, an alarm is sounded and the line can shut down automatically. A loadcell readout option is available.

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