Planetary Strander

  1. Product Overview

    This planetary strander is designed to strand fibers or subunits around a core. The reels are always oriented the same direction during stranding, ensuring there is no twist introduced into fiber or subunit.

    The strander consists of a two disks mounted on a tubular main shaft. Cradles that hold the reel are mounted between the two disks. The hollow main shaft allows cables to pass through the center of the strander. The main shaft and attached disks are driven by an AC Vector motor. Models with 4 to 12 positions are available.

    All cradles are driven by one planetary gear arrangement so that they are all synchronized. Each reel is secured on the cradle shaft and each shaft is driven by a servo motor. A dual loop dancer mounted on slide rails provides tension on each fiber/subunits. The rails are oriented so that the centrifugal force has minimal effect on the carriage. The dancer provides feedback to the motor and also alarms in case of a fiber break. Each pay-off position has its own tension setpoint.

    The fiber/subunits are guided through rollers and ceramic eyelets to the exit of the strander. An adjustable-position stranding die is mounted at the exit to gather the fibers/subunits. These stranding dies are interchangeable. A fiber clamp is also mounted to hold the fiber/subunits during string-up. The local control panel is mounted on the front of the stranding unit and allows the operator to set parameters and download recipes to the strander.

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