1. Product Overview

    The Tensor Seam Welder is designed to splice metallic tapes, steel, aluminum and copper up to 14 inches wide. The seam welder provides a current resistance weld between two overlapped tapes. The strength of the weld is typically 100% of the tape strength.

    The Seam Welder consists of the following sub-units:
    Hand held wire wheel to remove co-polymer on steel tapes. Co-polymer from aluminum tapes must be burned off.
    An air-operated bias cutter system, which shears the tape at an angle of 45 degrees.
    A precision feed traversing electrode, which traverses across the 45-degree tape edge.
    A co-polymer re-sealer, which replaces the co-polymer over the weld area.

    These sub-units are built onto a common frame and are included as standard features.

    The tape is cut at an angle and placed so there is a 2 or 3 mm overlap. Air-operated clamps hold the tapes in position during the weld cycle. The small overlap guarantees a round cable after jacketing that pulls easily through forming equipment.

    The stroke of the weld-head can be adjusted to cover up to a 14-inch-wide tape at a 45-degree angle. Forward and return movements are automatic. The control functions are by a PLC mounted in an attached cabinet.

    Tape thickness: 
    Steel: .1 to .272 mm (per customer)
    Aluminum: .1 to .25 mm
    Copper: .1 to .25 mm (special weld wheel and base required)

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