Equipment Line

April 27, 2017

Premise Cable Jacketing Line Overview

This Premise Jacketing Line is specifically designed to run premise style cables using proven technology and Tensor's advanced control features. The primary function of this line is to extrude a variety of flame retardant jackets over a fiber optic core under a controlled tension condition. Many features of this line are designed to provide flexibility [...]
April 20, 2017

Armoring Line Overview

Vertical Accumulator The Armoring line is designed to pay-off, corrugate and form a metal tape around a cable core. The metal tape is typically either steel, aluminum or copper. The Tensor armoring line is designed to apply the metal tape longitudinally around the cable core with a slight overlap as shown in the picture to [...]
April 19, 2017

Jacketing Line Overview

Tensor has produced a variety of Jacketing lines for manufacturing Indoor and Outdoor Fiber Optic cables. When Tensor started in 1985, we began to produce some of the main components used in Jacketing lines such as the tape corrugating, tape forming, yarn serving, swellable tape lines along with their related controls. It wasn't a far [...]
April 18, 2017

SZ Stranding Copper Wire Overview

SZ Stranding of copper wire (signal cable, thermostat cable and power cable) was introduced to offset the slow speed of the traditional stranding methods. After the wires are SZ Stranded, they travel immediately into a crosshead where they are jacketed. In some cases, this method completely eliminates an entire stranding process. The line consists of [...]
April 17, 2017

SZ Stranding Line Overview

SZ Stranding is the process of twisting Tubes or Wires into a cable structure under controlled conditions. The tubes/wires are guided through a series of rotating discs. The disks will rotate until up to 14 turns in one direction is achieved. The discs then reverse and twist the tube/wires up to 14 turns in the [...]
April 16, 2017

Tight Buffer Line Overview

The tight buffer line extrudes a plastic jacket over a bare optic fiber. The line consists of a fiber pay-off, a preheater, extruder, water trough, capstan, and take-up. In some cases the there is a fiber accumulator when a manual change take-up is used so that the operator has time to change reels while the [...]